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Default Re: How was my play: \'Was this a hold up attempt\'?

Having a gun to wave around in this case is never a bad idea. I keep a very realistic looking air-cartridge handgun for situations like this. That way I don't have to worry about accidentally killing one if I do shoot them.


[/ QUOTE ]
That sounds like a really, really good way to get shot.

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If they had a gun, I think hero would have seen it already.

I also have the benefit of living in an area where very few people have guns, or know how to shoot one for that matter. I wouldn't pull something like this in most cities.

If the OP would have gotten in trouble simply for showing a weapon when three guys came on his property uninvited, brandishing a knife and start making vaguely threatening demands, he should seriously consider a change of locale. I'm not a hostile guy, but what's the point of allowing people to own guns if you can't use one?

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