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Default interpoker disconnections during SNG

So, I decided to cash out and left exactly $44 in my interpoker account to play 2 $20+2 sng's this evening, out of the money in the first, and with 1 or 2 people out of the second one, I start having connection issues, but everyone else seems to be doing okay, then interpoker just pukes and closes.

I go reboot my router, figure I have some connection issues (didn't even bother to check any websites). I come back upstairs, and interpoker starts right up and connects, so I'm almost sure I just had a connection burp.

Takes me about 2 hands to realize that everyone is folding their hands and that only myself and 1 other guy are online, we, of course, end up making the money, I ended up winning (not after a scare when I went all-in with AK as soon as I got back and he called me with A4 and hit a 4 on the flop but I caught up on the river)

anyways, the point is, am I going to be able to keep this money? it hasn't even shown up yet, I jus twant to play another $20+2, so, I would at least like to get my money back to play, what do you think is going to happen?
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