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Default Re: How did you choose your career (semi-long)

I went to a career fair and found an interesting field. then I got an internship with an organization in that field. When I graduated (mid-90's) the job market sucked but I was able to find an entry level position in the same organization where I interned, albeit out of my area of interest to get my foot in the door. I used my experience as an intern to bolster my qualifications.

Now that I was inside the organization, I tried to get as much exposure as possible to different people and divisions. When a vacancy opened up a few years later in the exact field I wanted, I used the experience gained working on the inside to help me through the selection process (I had a significant advantage over outside applicants!).

I've continued to try to use these principles and practices in the 8+ years I've been in my current position to advance.
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