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Default Re: How did you choose your career (semi-long)

I have personally always enjoyed workign with computers, networking, seeing things communicate and setting stuff up. I have always kinda viewed this as a big puzzle, and have always enjoyed it.

This line of work just sorta fell on me, and I enjoy it. It's honestly something I would do for fun (not 40 hours a week, but I would, on occasion, do it for fun) So, doing it for 40 hours a week doesn't bother me.

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Yes, this is how I got into it, I enjoyed it a lot. I started learning about computers/networking in 7th or 8th grade, progressed through high school, and knew a ton about network security etc, before my first real class. I really enjoy it as a hobby. I really dont enjoy it when I HAVE to do it 40-50 hours a week, with someone else reapign in the profits etc. Ive thought about starting up my own security firm, and do pen-testing, network assesments, but I am too young to deal with any real talent that i could hire, and do not know many people in the industry.
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