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Default How did you choose your career (semi-long)

Im in the process, I guess, of trying to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life. I am less than a year away from graduating with a BS- Info Sys Security, and did some contract work, but I can honestly say, that I really dont enjoy it, and dont have the talent to make tons of money. I am sure I could get a bs job, schlep through it and make the requisite to have 2.4 kids, a nice car/house, but it sounds boring, and I want to do something more. Ive grown up in the restaurant industry, and have designed a security system for bars/restaurants, this is what I do for a living now (along with website design, pc repair, helping with quickbooks setup etc), but I dont enjoy this either. Ive also thought about opening up a bar, but if that goes through it wont be for a while....Anyways, my question is, how did you guys fall into your career path? Do you enjoy it? What do youdo?
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