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Default Miserable Live Poker

Until this past weekend I had played live poker about a dozen times with no sessions longer than 4 hours. About 95% of my poker experience has been online at Paradise Poker for the past 1 1/2 year.

I just returned from a 3 day weekend in Vegas where my sole purpose was to play as much poker as possible. My wife did not accompany me on this trip so this would allow me to play more and longer sessions.

I was stunned by how miserable and surly the majority of the players I encountered were. Why spend so much time playing a game that seems to make them so unhappy? I understand that poker is a confrontational and competitive game but there were players that would react with a level of anger and disgust to losing a pot that was astonishing.

I hope that these were isolated incidents because I would like to play more live games in the future. Otherwise I will continue to play online where there seems to be much less hostility except for the occassional chat abuser.
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