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what are the easiest things to upgrade (DELL XPS 600)
processer? can that be done?
graphics card?
hard drive?

looking at buying base model xps what should i have them do and what can i do myself? Not totally computer dumb but have never worked on hardware parts. Please help looking to save as much cash as possible.

thank you

[/ QUOTE ]

Memory is easy to upgrade.

Video cards are easy to upgrade.

Processors are not so easy to upgrade.

Hard drives are easy to upgrade compatability-wise, but require a little more effort and in your case research than video cards or memory.

Do a little hunting around for coupons and promotions if you're going to have Dell build you a computer. Sometimes they have really good rebates. Try the "Hot Deals" forum at, I remember seeing a lot of Dell promo threads when I used to read there regularly.

Good luck.
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