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Default Re: OOT rules - piracy?

Opinion: Not Guilty.

I don't see, from this post anyway, that you've mentioned anything about swapping or pirating copyrighted material(s). I'm assuming you didn't mention the questionable software - kaaza, etc.

Your mention of using your broadband, IMO, suggests you're going to legal sites and purchasing material for your enjoyment/use, as per the terms of the site(s) you visit.

Or, you use one of the Usenet services, which are absolutely loaded down with non-copyrighted multimedia files - or so I've been told. [img]/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

I understand 2+2's policy and concern. The mod was acting in the best interest of 2+2 - in his opinion. His opinion was maybe hasty. Unless you two have "a history," it's probably just a misunderstanding. Some of the mods, IMO from personal experience, seem to act a tad overzealously.

The opinions expressed by the expressor are strictly his. And I have a very good understanding of copyright laws. I hold a few. Anybody can.
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