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Default Re: Basic theory on river betting question

My general thought on "blocking bets" is that they only work on good players, and a good player wouldn't have been in this hand with a underset and a nice str8 board. What is more likely to happen against new or inexperienced PLO players is that when they hit their fullhouse they are going to reraise you the pot, so why waste the money?

An interesting aside to this post. How many of you pot the river when it's checked to you because a scare hits that does not help your hand. I believe it is very profitable to do so when the three flush hits that misses both of you.

[/ QUOTE ]

Again, as above, it depends on who you are playing. In a shallow money game, with inexperienced players, bluffing should be tossed out the window, IMHO. I am a VERY tight player in my regular game, but I hear the same thing over and over again: "I know you've got it, but I just have to see it."

Profit in $200 buy in or less PLO games comes from Peddling the nuts and being paid off, not from your brilliant position pot bet bluffs, IMO.

As you move up, against knowledgable players, this does become a bigger factor of your game. However, those players will tend to recognize what you are doing if you habitually do it, and you are in danger of getting played back at.
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