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Default Re: I hate blocking bets


Blocking bets should be used when you do not believe your opponent was chasing some obvious draw the whole way.

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Disagree. Blocking bets are used when you have the likely best hand unless villian was chasing a draw the whole way and hit it on the river. For example, Hero PFR's with 99 and gets a caller. Flop comes 9, spade, spade. Bet, call. Turn brick. Bet, call. River spade. Blocking bet here because your set of nines is likely good unless he hit his flush.

I think we showed on this board a few months ago that a blocking bet is superior to c/c'ing in most situations. Hero's shouldn't autoblockbet everytime and should use c/c agst certain villians, but you do give up a small amount of EV by c/c'ing.
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