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Default Is raising pre-flop with JJ at micro-limits +EV?

I play almost exclusively at .25/.50 and .50/$1 limits. My pfr% is only around 4, and I'm wondering if it should be higher. Here is a specific case in question: I often do not raise pre-flop with JJ in MP or LP in loose games where I think I'll have, say, four or more callers. My reasoning is that with that many callers I am bound to be up against one or more A, K or Q, since players at these limits will often play any Ax or Kx or even Qx, and will often call or even cold-call a pfr with those hands. An A, K or Q (and no J) comes on the flop exactly 59% of the time. So, am I wrong or right to think that a pfr with JJ under these conditions is not +EV?
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