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Default Re: You have $7.50 to spend on fast food items, whats your menu?

Hrm, this is an interesting question. I don't really pay attention to what stuff I eat costs because I really only spend money on food and drink anyway.

$7.50 is a pretty decent amount for fast food. I first want to state that if spending under $7.50 was my only goal I would go to this new little italian place, Picolo, over on the UofM campus and have their Sausage and Pepper sandwhich, a cup of soup, a cookie and a Diet Coke for about $6.50.

Fast food I will guess at prices:

Rodeo Cheeseburger from BK, $1? I don't know if they technically sell these anymore but I've never been turned down.

Big Gulp Dt. Coke $1 from any decent gas station. That leaves me with about $5.50.

Nachos Supreme -TB, $1.40
Ch. Chip cookies McD <$1
Steak Quessadilla -TB $2.09
I guess that leaves me about $1.
Is there enough left to get a small Frosty to go with my cookies?

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