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Default Playing on the the passenger seat

In a few months I might make the drive w/ my girlfriend from California to Michigan and we'd hit some casinos on the way (suggestions for good B&M $1-$2, $2-$5 and $5-10NL games?) and we'll also play online. During the down time I'm thinking that the passenger can play online, but that brings up a few questions:

1. Who has the best/largest broadband coverage? I'm guessing Verizon, but that's just because I have cell phone service through them. In all reality I don't know anything about broadband coverage, who offers it or if it is available literally anywhere so any help would be appreciated.
2. How fast is the service? Is it more comparable to dial up or cable modem>
3. Has anyone tried playing while traveling before? How difficult/nauseating is it?
4. Is there any software you would suggest to help me multitable (other than pokerace and pokertracker) party and Empire?
5. Is it likely that we will encounter too many dead zones or is broadband different in that way from cell phone service?
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