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Default Re: Stud Winrate, possible move up?

There are posters like Istream, beta, etc. that could probably tell you better

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There are stretches of 7500 hands where you can easily hit the 4BB/100 number. However, this is way too small a number to be meaningful. You need to play long enough where you run bad for a month or two, cause it happens to everyone.

I have logged about 750 hours at 5/10 over the past several months. I track my results by the hour, not per 100. However, I think you can do a rough translation since I can typically play 60 hands per hour or so, based upon some statistics I used to keep.

I am currently tracking 1.45 BB/hour which converts up to about 2.41 BB/100 - pure table performance not counting bonuses or rakeback that I no longer get. I have to double check that 60 hands per hour when I get home. This is after about 750 hours or 45,000 hands I guess. This is also after a brutal stretch from late August to mid November where I made nothing (I am guessing this was 10,000 - 12,000 hands) .

I don't consider myself a top player compared to some of the other posters here, so maybe some of them are at 3 BB/100 or so. However, I would think you need to be one seriously good player to sustain that number in the long run. At 10/20 and up, I am not sure how I would do, but the performance would certainly come down.
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