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Default Re: Stud Winrate, possible move up?

Is it possible that the games are softer now than when you were back at that level, or is 7500 hands just not a large enough sample?

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I cant believe that the games are that much softer now than back then. When I used to 3-4 table them a year ago they were pretty good. There are posters like Istream, beta, etc. that could probably tell you better, as they still play in them. But IMO 7500 hands is FAR to small of a sample size to get an accurate number. Go to the hold'em forums and post your winrate of XBB/100 over 30K hands and people will start screaming thats not even enough to know. I do know that if you can sustain over 2BB/100 in this game you are a very good player.

Mike Emery
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