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Default Re: i actually did snap this time (posting for you swede...long)


One time, I was in Buckhead in Atlanta. Friday night or something and streets were pretty packed. Some sedan (Taurus or something) with a middle-aged couple stops at a light and just barely taps this blinged out SUV. I'm talking, not even a scratch or hint of paint or bump or anything, just barely tap bumpers. This was pre-Escalade days. Maybe a Navigator or something, I dunno. This huge black dude gets out of the truck, reaches in, grabs a baseball bat. Walks up to the Taurus (note, this is a completely bumper-to-bumper packed major street with tons of people on the sidewalks) and starts slamming it into the hood, I dunno, about 5 times. Then the light changes, he goes back to his car, they drive away.


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