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Default Help me choose a laptop +NSFW

I have had a desktop from Wal-Mart for three years, and now that I have some money to spend, I feel it would be wise to spend on a laptop for college and a certain onlien game. I'll be willing to spend anywhere up to 1200 or so, but if I could get what I want for less, I would appreciate it.

The things I want to be able to run are:

Microsoft Word
Instant Message
Music (ITunes or whatever)
Online P*ker with minimal overlap for four tabling
Wireless Internet capabilities

Also, I would appreciate any advice on what sort of anti-virus protection to get.

Sorry if this sounds incredibly n00bish, which I'm sure it does, but I would appreciate any help I can get.

Oh yea, we haven't had Elisha on here for a while

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