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Default Re: How Many Suckouts Do You Make In Your Tourney Wins?

I've been on a ridiculous hot streak in the past week (which is why I'm currently #1 on the tlb). Before the week even started I won 2 consecutive 180 man sngs. Since then, I've won 3 more 180 man sngs, a 22+r, a 189 man $20 PLH, and 2nd in a $10 PLO. I'm pretty sure I sucked out at least once in each of these, and in some of them I sucked out at least 4 times. That said, there is a difference between sucking out because you made a bad play or sucking out because you made a +EV play given their range and they happened to have a hand that made your play -EV. I'm happy with MOST of my play, although there are certainly several that I'd like to take back. My favorite "suckout" of the week, even though it doesn't really count, was AK v 88 3 handed in one of the 180 mans. Allin preflop, flop JJJ, turn brick, river J, that was pretty neat.

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Now why cant I hit a run like this!!! No I get my KK vs an all in AQ and instapushed by AK, board is AQxxx, i go from 9th in chips with 50 left to out. No cash. GRRRRRR!!
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