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Default Re: Phil Gordon\'s \"Fish N Chip\" Sandwich

Your right, my math was dorked up here....2.2 to 1 is still nice but not the 3:1 originally stated.

Here were some of my important considerations:

1) I figured a zero percent probability of picking up the pot right there with the reraise. Only the very worst players with the very worst holdings sitting in UTG's position fold here. In fact I'm counting on UTG to reraise here (preferably with big unpaired cards) to shut out the other callers.

2) The callers are typical of the ones Gordon described as the ideal to try this play (a bit too loose with PF raise-cold call standards). I saw no reason one of the other callers was doing something tricky like 2nd hand low.

3) Winning this pot gets me immediately back into the tournament hunt.

In the end, I got exactly what I wanted: My low suited connectors against big unpaired cards with 10K chips from the players shut out plus blinds and antes as overlay. I'm OK busting out here since I'd soon have to begin a long series of openpushes which is the poker equivalent of walking a minefield. If I make my hand however, I can continue play with a normal stack. It all comes down to what you are more comforatable with: One big risk now or many risks (without nearly this kind of overlay) in the tournament's near future. Personally, I was quite happy to get my chips in with the worst of it here.
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