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Default Help me pick an animal to give to the poor

I saw a great program on the BBC about how you could actually give a specific type of livestock with charity money instead of just giving it to a faceless organization:

I want to give up to one big animal or the equivilent $ in small animals. I could give one llama, goat, sheep, or pig. Or, a combination of rabbits, chicken, ducks, or geese. What do you guys think is the best value for my livestock dollar?

Boring sappy explanation below if you want to know WHY I would give to charity.

The reason why I am doing this is to do something nice for people who are less well off simply by chance. Life seems about 90% arbitrary these days -- I was born here through no merit and they were born there through no fault. It's strange, but lately I have felt very blah about Christmas because (for me) it is essentially about giving meaningless things that I could buy anyway but I don't.

So, I am going to donate a sweet goat (or something) to make up for a bit of life's arbitrariness.
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