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Default Re: Nip/Tuck, ?\'s, comments (rant!!!)

Julia told Shaun that she had both their names put on the deed and that she wanted them to live together. As they're hugging at the end, Julia has a pained look on her face like she knows something that we don't. It's obvious that there's something wrong with the baby, but they don't give us any indication as to what.

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The CVS (sp?) test they were discussing earlier in the show was a test for Down Syndrome, right? So when there was the scene with Julia talking to her doctor and the doctor was like "We got your test results back" with the very-bad-news look on her face, I assume that means the baby has Down. which case Julia is a massive bitch for using the baby, who's going to be born all [censored] up even though there's still time to get an abortion, as a tool for getting her and Sean back together, which is EXACTLY what she said she didn't want to do before she knew the baby was gonna have problems. Hypocritical bitch.
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