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Very loose 2-7 game. Three limpers and I'm the SB with 2346. Raise or just complete?

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Are you happier having the BB come in for free or having to pay? I think you're happier if he doesn't get a free draw. You'd much rather be OOP vs. 3 players than 4. This argues for a raise.

Are they typically limping even solid two-card draws or trying to see a cheap draw with three-card draws? If even one of them is trying to get in cheap with 25xxx (or 345xx) I think it's worth a raise.

Do you want to portray a weak hand or a strong hand? I would tend to raise any 1-card draw (even 8762, although that might better be broken multiway) to maximize folding equity on future rounds.

There is some argument to be made for trying to drive opponents out of a small pot, or make them make a bigger mistake by calling in a small pot. Since the pot is multiway and your hand will do better HU, you might want to keep the pot smaller and just complete.

How far are you planning on going with this hand? You can't fold this hand on the 2nd round. You might be able to find a fold in the 3rd round, but you are drawing pretty smooth--- particularly if you pick up a 5--- and it is going to be tempting to continue, particularly if your opponents stand pat too rough. If you are not going to be able to find a fold, a raise here will help produce a pot worth drawing to on the third round.

I personally would raise this every time. Your opponents have not shown any strength and thus not particularly more likely to have 7s and 8s in their hand than anything else. Although you have fewer 'outs' to a 7 or 8, you still have a very good chance to win this pot. Would you raise 2345 here? 2346 is not a whole lot worse.
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