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Default Re: Totalbet and UKbetting poker (crypto) are scum

The same way if you have a shop and you put an add in the paper advertising with a price and refuse to sell the item for that amount (no excuse is good enough), you just complain to the state and the "scum" is forced to oblige.

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Hate to break it to you - but you are wrong. In the UK ( and as far as I know other common law countries), the advertisement of a price is an "invitation to tender" and not an "offer for sale". You make the offer by requesting the goods and the transaction is completed when the shop takes your cash. You gong up to the counter with your wallet open does not constitute a legally binding contract on the shopkeeper. Thus, if a shop mistakenly advertises a TV for 100 when it should have been 1000 it has no legal obligation whatsoever to honour that price. Where the differential is small a shop may choose to honour the wrtong price as a goodwill gesture.

Another example is advertising a car for sale. If I put it in for 10,000 and someone comes along to buy it, I am under no obligation to sell it for 10,000 or even at all. I could ask for more.

In any event, the TOCs undoubtedly say that they can do whatever they want, including changing or stopping the bonus. And it is a bit rich for a whore to be talking about "honour". These bonuses are intended to grow a player base long term as you well know and not to fund players who will leave after the bonus is worked off. Thus, although you are doing nothing legally wrong (and good luck to you), you certainly don't have the right to take the moral highground.
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