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Default Re: COMRADES, please critique/tear up a bunch of hands

That I really can't answer for you, but if it helps, when I came back from my long break and finally went back into the SNGs I was awful, really. I then started playing better, then had 13 OOTM with the worst beats imaginable, and now in the last 50 am on a real upturn again. I play pretty weak-tight in the early stages, but to an extent. I will always take at least a stab at a pot for instance if I rate to be ahead. Just keep belief in your poker and the rest will fall into place, don't second guess or doubt yourself, and definitely don't play scared because of some bad beats, or heaven forbid the odd bad read, we all make them, don't worry.

Oh and my ROI and ITM over the 239 I've played since coming back, allowing for the fact that I was crap in probably my first 80, is at 16% and 36%. 1st/2nd/3rd/4th at 15%/12%/9%/8%, or thereabouts.
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