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So I've been back home in Canada for the last month. 2 weeks ago my bankcard stops working. No big deal, call up the bank back in the states to get a new one sent out. Oops, I'm at my parents adress so they need to change my account address then resend it. No big deal, change the address and call the next day. Oops, the address didn't update. No big deal, wait another day for the address to update. Ok, adress updated ship that 35 bones to fedex and send it off.

Two days later, call the bank to get the fedex tracking number. Oops, package just got sent today so no tracking number. No big deal, wait a couple days - should be here by now anyway. Doesn't show up, call the bank to get the tracking number. Oops, fedex didn't issue a tracking number. Call fedex to give them my address, shipping date (dec. 23) - oops, no such package exists. Bank calls back, turns out they didn't update to the correct address. Bank Card has dissapeared, it's not being sent to the correct address anyway. No big deal, issue me a new one and send it off express. Oops, monday's a holiday - I leave the country on Tuesday so it won't be here in time.

Time to write myself a casheir's cheque for 5 grand.

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