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Default Re: $30 NL stars blind battle.

what are my options

[/ QUOTE ]

Fold - I can't see that as an option at all

Cold Call - Viewed as weak tight move by a weak tight player. But, your image is aggressive, it may send some suspicious signals to a thinking player.

Reraise - probably the play the villain expects to see from you the aggro. What will his move be - define his big pair and reraise/push? Or will he call and pull a stop n go?

Push - Puts him on the defensive. He has a big pair it spells trouble. He has a smaller pair, still could be trouble. He's tilting, he may call with his KQs.

and what is the correct plan

[/ QUOTE ]

Man I don't know.....
I guess if I'm only after the win, a push it is.

If I'm wanting to slide up the pay scale and wait for a more opportune time to mix it up, or if I think I can outplay him, I may just call and see if he sweats a little.

Very thought provoking question gobbo.
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