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FWIW, I have the New American Bible that I like. It has footnotes that help with some of the text.
The footnotes aid in understanding what the text is talking about.* It, also, is less cumbersome than the big red one that most Catholics families (mine included) had - very nice looking book, btw.

You might find the Old Testament a bit tedious - like when I try to read poetry - I don’t get it. The New Testament is an easier read. (I am not sure you shouldn’t read the NT first.) A lot of the OT is considered prophesy to the NT.

Most (not all) priests I know have a good handle on the subject matter. In seminary they are usually taught well. But, just like in any field you will find those who are not very adept.

I’ll try to help with any questions. As far as debate, I hope we don’t get bogged down in the idiosyncrasies of different Christian interpretations. From your point of view, I don’t think the different theologies should matter all that much.

I do agree that one should become acquainted with the text. I have a big list of classical literature that I have yet to tackle, so I understand your quest.

Best of luck and good reading.


*e.g. Footnote from Genesis chapter 1:5: “…God’s creative activity is divided into six days to teach the sacredness of the Sabbath rest on the seventh day…”
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