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Default Re: Unrealistic goals?

Hold up let me get this straight you can be a consistent winner at NL at almost 20x limit rates? Is it that much more difficult to be a successful NL player, I just can't see why I'd want to grind it out at limit if I could be increasing my BR alot quicker playing NL

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The BB/100 rate at NL is actually the largest posted amount so this is actually the SB amount in limit (I'm almost positive). I certainly believe that the same caliber player could win more at NL than at limit because opponents mistakes are magnified because you can always bet enough that they are making a mistake to call (if you read them correctly). However the loss rates in NL can also be much greater. But either win or loss rates would not be near 20x over a decent amount of time/hands. The difference just isn't THAT much.
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