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Default Re: Help with one specific time in a tournament.

I have found myself in exactly that position in the last two tourney I have played.

I had the all in or fold mindset. The way I figured it if I am going to play I would not be able to get in for a limp and a normal raise to say 300 is 1/3 of my stack so I am better off getting all my chips in now and hopefully at least picking up the blinds and perhaps getting a large stack with 3k-4k making a weak call when I have the best of it. The only problem I ran into was my KK and QQ hands didn't get called.

I can't say if this is the absolute correct thing to do because my last two finishes were poor bubble busting 4ths but I was able to stick around until the blinds reached 200/400 by playing this way when I was down to less then 10xBB.

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