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Default Re: Too aggressive?

I think it is a pretty solid play you made. Hard to fault you after the the two limpers you are likely to have the best hand and there is a ton of money in the pot.

Heck I would be worried if you were folding, not if you were raising and got beat.

Edited after reading the first response. What makes it a good play is two people have shown weakness by limping early, you still have enough of a stack to scare them and you hope to win in one of two ways, by having them fold or by having your hand hold up. EP might well fold A-Q, A-J or A-T in this position, which would be a FTOP mistake if they could get the nines HU with other money in the pot.

The hands I would be most afraid of from the limpers would be 10-10 or JJ but that is a chance you take.

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