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Default Re: \"The pot is big enough\" -> How big is big?

Yes, believing that you have the best hand, you are making a pot sized bet. You're not "slowplaying", but you're also not overbetting the pot. That makes sense. But when is "protecting" your hand as referred to in above quote a leak? When you overbet the pot? Go all in? Or is it because you don't "slowplay"? Just trying to clarify at what point the betting is a leak.

[/ QUOTE ]

I think you misunderstood the post.

Rule #1 of big pots: WIN THEM.

The OP is asking for a rule of thumb of when the pot size is "big enough" that you just push all-in right then...because you certainly have the best and the pot is 'big enough' to merit it.

How 'big' is 'big enough' ?

(probably in terms of % of stack size)
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