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Default Re: $2/$5 NL ($300 max) hand at Turning Stone vs. 2+2er

I was villain in this hand, just wondering what some of you thought of my play in this hand.

I thought it was very good. Like I mentioned to you on our way to eat, the relatively cheap flop bet made it look like you were trying to trap me with JJ or 1010, which is why I didn't raise you. The only hands I figured I beat at the time was AQ or KK. 1010, JJ, AA, AJ have me way behind, and althought I doubted you had them, KQ and A10 also have me way behind.

I personally love the turn check. I think 95% of players bet that turn in my situation, seeing you bet small on the flop and check the turn after you make a hand that would be nearly impossible for me to put you on. I think it's a huge moneymaker.
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