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Default Re: Lying about your hand

Sometimes this gets tough...

I always feel like my hand is transparent to everyone at the table. When the board pairs and I have made a set on the flop and go all-in in a live game and the player to my left asks me if I want a caller ?!?!?!

Well ... I want 90% of the good hands to call but I do not have the nuts, and I do not have a lock. So he is either a very tricky player with a bigger full house who is messing with me, or he is a fool with a flush or straight or something.

What do I do? I usually compliment the player and confuse them at same time by saying " You are a good player, you will know what to do"

I rarely tell them what I have, If I am on a bluff I rarely remember what i have. I like the Good fold or good laydown line though.

The compliment and the return of the decision to them with little or no input from you seems to work. They can not figure out what you are trying to get them to do.

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