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Default Re: Curtains made me do it! #3

I just have too many chips, and a pretty decent hand. Im sure I raised here. When you have 3k chips the hands are a lot easier to play, and your opponents play tighter against you. A hand like this that might normally be not so great, is surely some amount of +EV here. For instance if you are called preflop and make a cont. bet, its a lot less likely your opponent will randomly play back at you, due to your monster stack size.

I don't remember this specific hand, probably because it was boring and I just stole the blinds, but personally I feel that this is a pretty automatic raise given the game situation. I have a huge stack, and there are ways you should behave when you get such a monster stack.

Yes KQo isnt an amazing hand and is one you can "get into trouble with", but not in a situation like this.

[/ QUOTE ]

I'm going to have to agree with this reasoning. This is a good time to open up with a borderline hand and put out a normal raise. The SB may even call here and you'll show down this hand letting the others at the table know that you'll be playing a little loose with the big stack. Now you've got the perfect table image to trap with big hands.

If someone other than the short stack looks you up, know when to get away from the hand.
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