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Default Flush/straight hand, amount to bet?

This is a pacific poker 2.50+.50 $580 guaranteed (I like the little tournaments). Handgrabber crashed so I couldn't get the HH, but here goes..

blinds 25/50
Hero: 1750
V1: 2400
V2: 1200
V3: 2300

The game is obviously extremely loose. V1 is the SB, V2 is the BB, and V3 is right behind them. I am in MP.

PF: V3 limps, I limp with Qc9c, V1 completes, V2 checks.

Flop: 8c7cKd

V1 checks, V2 checks, V3 bets 50, I call, V1 calls, V2 calls.

Turn: 8c7cKdTh

V1 checks, V2 checks, V3 bets 50, I raise to 300.

River: 8c7cKdThJd

V3 checks, I bet 800 (about half of his stack, just enough of a suspicious amount) V3...

I will post results after responses.

PF: The table had been pretty docile thus far, so I felt it was safe to limp in with Q9s which could potentially flop me a big hand and get me a lot of aquatic chips

Flop: Easy call for flush, but too risky to semi-bluff with general looseness of level.

Turn: with a OESD (with a bonus queen) and a flush draw, a minbet to me means I can try to shoot at the pot. What I question is the amount, but I figured that anything less is an autocall by anyone.

River: Because he called the turn raise, I am led to believe that he is very liberal with his chips. If I bet a little bit here, he will probably call and make me an extra bet or two. If I bet a medium amount, it might look like I actually have a good hand. So I finally conclude, players hate being pushed around in these tournaments, so I should bet big like I want to take the pot down, but not for all his chips which will definitely get him to fold on a 4-straight board.

Thanks for the help. One of these days, I will win a $3 MTT and my dreams will be fulfilled.
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