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Default Bad Beat Xmas Present

Guess this doesn't go in the Bad Beats forum since it's poker-related, so here goes.

I have a 91' Mazda Protege that's a POS (bought it for $2k in 02', had to get a new transmission, balljoints, 4 new tires, etc. spent over $4k on it because parents too dumb to just help me buy a new used (unsuckier) car) that just failed inspection for "rust in the floor panels" and a busted exhaust system. Stepfather fixes up a salvaged 96' Dodge Stratus for me with the works, and gives it to me for Xmas. Of course he hasn't driven it around yet since it's unregistered, but assures it's fine since he's an automechanic.

I get on the highway out of Rochester back home to Western Mass., and the RPM shoots up, the car shakes, and the car shuts off in the middle of the highway with the engine smoking a mile after I get on. I walk 2 miles before a State Parks cop picks me up and gets me to a phone, I call AAA and my stepfather/mother to pick me up and get the car towed. The car needs a new engine. And my current car now can get a potential whopping $75 at the repo place. Can't get a new car because my father just got laid off and I can't get any more than 15 hours at $7/hour at my on-campus job. Of course, none of my friends have cars, I rely on myself and myself only to go anywhere. Booooo [img]/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]
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