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Default Re: Shorthanded PLO thread

What I have problems with is Shorthanded PL Omaha.

An observation I have made: To me it seems it becomes even more important to hold the nuts in a shorthanded PLO game than in a full ring. I mean - will you be folding the king high flush on the river?

[/ QUOTE ]

I think you have it backwards.

Whether I would fold the 2nd nut flush in a shorthanded game would depend on all the things any decision in any game depends on (HOW shorthanded (3handed? 6handed?] stack size, action on all streets, reads, etc). BUT, generally speaking, if it is HU or 3-handed, I can't imagine I'd be folding the 2nd nut flush often. But I'd need to see the hand to say for sure. More players, the answer is the timeless "it depends."

I'm going to host a private PLO heads up matchup tournament soon at stars [there was some interest expressed in an earlier thread and I just haven't gotten to it]. Keep your eyes peeled I'll post about it. Might be fun to watch/play in.
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