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Default Re: My answers

I was afraid this might happen, since I used the term "odds," which has a few conflicting definitions. In this case, they are using the term as the inverse of the probability of occurring. For example, their "odds" of getting a $1 winner being 1:10 should be translated as a probability of 0.1, or 1/10. This can be particularly frustrating for a good poker player, who knows that 10:1 pot odds are required for an event that has a 1/11 chance of occurring.

Other than that, I like the logic you used on all three solutions... Plug them in using the definition of odds I just gave, and I'm pretty sure you'll get the right answers.

I'm particularly curious what you get for #3, as your logic seems reasonable, although it's not how I solved it. I think you're right that you don't need the jackpot solution if you already have the E.V.
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