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Default Playing on account question.

So I have been refer a friend'ing people from myspace. I got a guy to sign up, he deposited, but has yet to begin playing. I asked, "Hey, have you begun playing? If not, want me to play for you [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]" and he was open to the idea. I don't wanna screw the guy over, just play the 125 raked hands and get my $50 bonus, and he won't be able to play until next week.

I have played and deposited on Party for my own account lately. Then I withdrew. Here's the question. I referred him from my computer, he signed up and deposited from his computer from wherever he lives, if I went onto the account and played for him(from my computer) would this cause problems with Party? I'm going to my dad's house tonight, should I wait until I get there to play on the account?

Any insight would be great.
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