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Default Poker Tracker Help


I just got Poker Tracker the other day and need to "educate" myself on
how to interpret the numbers, etc. Is there a post on here that
describes all the %ages, what they mean, how to take advantage of them, how to identify and fix any problem areas in your play???

I tried the search but didn't find anything...

Also, can you combine 2 different Databases you have together into 1?
Can you seperate them after you combine them/take out certain hands from the DB if you want? (what
I did was
imported 7,000 hands from one site and then imported 5,000 more from
another site into the same Poker Tracker DB by accident, now I want to have my
play on the 2 different sites on 2 different DBs...can't figure out how to combine and/or un-combine (take hands out of) DBs)

Thanks much for any help, Joe M.
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