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Default Re: Why do you play no-limit? Why do you play limit?

limit has higher variance- meaning you can win or lose more money than no-limit. luck is a greater factor in individual sessions than no limit.

limit games provides the fundamentals that you need to succeed in no limit. calculating outs, potodds, aggression, hand-reading- limit game stresses (and develops) these skills which is the core of the game. you will not develop to be a good poker player in general if you do not have these skills. IMO, to be a serious NL player, you HAVE to have a solid limit game as well.

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This is exactly why I play Limit. Eventually, I want to play No Limit and No Limit Tourniments (when my bankroll can afford it) but you need to be better at the basics before you can do anything else. When I first started, I played both and thought they were the same. I never really understood how position was important, now I do. Playing limit has made me a much better player.
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