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Default Re: Stud Winrate, possible move up?

ok, so in your opinion, is there any time winrate is meaningful?

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Let me give an example of what I mean.

Imagine a player has been playing 4 years and plays at about 500 hands / weeks, for a total of ~100,000 hands. Very likely (and only if he follows this forum and reads 7cs4ap [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]) his game will be improving all along. If the player looks at his win rate over the period of 4 years, it will provide an average of how he did over these 100,000 hands but it will likely not give an accurate reading of his current winrate. In this case, he should probably look at a smaller and more recent sample (6 months?). The error on the number obtained will be greater but should be more meaningful.

On the other hand, I agree (and know from personal experience) that a sample of 10,000 hands might very well be misleading. It might not capture some up or down swings.
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