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Default Re: Playing against a free roller.

Now how would you play the turn when you made the straight with the 2 flush cards out there. Do you just check/call and then fold on the river if the flush hits? This seems weak tight to me and I am allowing people to hit there flush if it gets checked around.

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I don't know how others feel, but dealing with a made straight on a 2-flush board OOP without redraws and facing a raise is one of the tougher spots to actually play correctly. (By play correctly, I mean in a math sense where one can see the hands face up.) The reason for this is that a raise could mean anything from an overplayed set (not very likely) to the naked nuts (reasonably likely) to a dominating made hand + redraw (reasonably likely). Therefore, making the proper play depends tremendously upon knowing the opponent and making a good read. You are going to get robbed if you dump your made hand to a full pot bet every such time, but not having the ability to dump in the correct spots is certainly a leak.

Joewatch made a good point when he mentioned pot size as being important. If the pot is small going to the turn and you are reraised, you need to do some serious thinking about your opponent. If the pot is already large and you have a significant percentage of your stack in or the reraise is all-in and small, you are probably going to want to see things to the end.
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