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Default Looking for some intermediate advice

I'm going to try and make this short and to the point, but I have the feeling it might get drawn out. I played my first hands of seven card stud when I was in junior high, and in the past 7-8 months have picked it up again, finding that it was more lucrative and a little less swingy than holdem. I play at one of the smaller sites, pokerroom. The reason I play there, is since it is one of the samller sites, I feel the level of play is much lower than it would be at PPs or Full Tilt etc. I play in the largest game going there, which is small compared to other sites. Its usually 4-8 and 6-12, going up to 10-20 at the most. I have kept tight notes on players, which has paid off. Ive read Chip Reese's chapter on 7 card in Super System, as well as the chapter in Hellmuth's book on 7 card. With that in mind, let me try and get to the point. Last week I was on a roll, I was getting decent hands, they were holding up, and the calling stations were paying off. It turned into 7 straight days of decent profit. In the past 4 days, I have just gotten hosed. Let me recap a few of the hands. I've only had rolled trips twice, both times losing to straights using my case card. My aces up and kings up on 4th losing to underpairs turning trips on 7th. Catching my flush on 7th only to lose to boat, very next hand, boat losing to a bigger buried boat. And the one that got me writing this article, and one that happens a lot: 3 handed, 4-8. I start split Kings, Ace calls, bring in shows deuce. On 4th Ace raises, I reraise cause the Ace has been raising almost every hand and I'm confident he doesnt have it. Bring in calls double bet ace folds thankfully. I bet my split Kings all the way to 7th and check on 7th when they dont improve. Villain flips over 8s and 2s, caught 8 on 6th. I know this guy is a calling station, known this for a while, and its usually worked out. But the past week has been a nightmare. Seems like every over pair never pairs up and my draws never develop. So my ultimate question is: How do I combat this? I've heard rumors that pokerroom has the worst suckouts out of every poker site, but I'm sure thats what everyone says about their site when they are running bad. I'm just looking for some advice as what to do long run? Its starting to get annoying that I feel like I'm better than anyone I am playing with, yet I cant avoid the bad beats. Its to the point that even when I have a great starting hand, I'm not sure if I want anyone to call. Any help would be great, everything I've read here so far has been extremely helpful.
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