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Default Low limit ring games more profitable than STTs?

I play limit ring games, at the moment the .50/1.00 partypoker 6max tables. As this is the lowest limit partypoker tables, with the loosest worst players, making 6BB per 100 hands, or $4.50 per hour for one table, is doable for a good player. The generally accepted wisdom is that one needs a 300 big bet bankroll at limit, so a $300 bankroll.

I've read that at the lowest limit STT's, a 30% ROI would be reasonable for a good player, and that a STT might take an hour. Given this, the lowest level STT's at partypoker would make much less than the lowest level limit ring games. $5+1 X 30% = $1.80 per hour. $10+1 X 30% = $3.30 per hour. $22 X 30% = $6.60 per hour, if one could really make 30% on the $22's, and from what I've read most here are not making that much.

Also, 50 buyins is the recommended bankroll, meaning you'd have to have an $1100 bankroll and play the $22's to likely make the same amount one could make at partypoker's lowest limit 6max ring games, .50/1.00.

Add to this the fact that at partypoker and skins, STT's don't count towards bonuses, and it seems like ring games are a lot more profitable at the lowest levels than STT's.

Am I wrong here?

(Of course, 6BB/100 hands is only doable at the very lowest level loosest tables, move up even slightly and you're hoping for 3bb/100 instead, move up higher and you're hoping for 2)
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