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Default Re: AQs Lots of Action

I think you played your hand fine postflop. I wouldve played every street the same. Preflop is the only street I would play differently. Given no reads on your opponents this is a spot I prefer cold-calling over 3 betting. When a MP2 player raises after a person has limped UTG+1, he is not on a steal since one person is already committed to the pot, and he is usually not isolating with a weak hand since he still has to worry about too many people behind him plus the fact that the UTG+1 may have a good hand. So given the fact that I think MP2 has a legitimate hand here, I prefer cold calling and letting more players in the pot, since AQs plays very well multiway. 3betting is not a bad play by any means though, but I prefer cold-calling in this situation.

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Wow, I think not 3-betting here sucks. You are ahead of so many hands here and far behind very few. Plus you have position and a limper to extract extra value from. The rest is obviously standard. UTG+1 has a smaller flush here 99% of the time.
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