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Default Re: 3-bet pre-flop or check-raise the flop?

Yeah, I watched a good part of that match which is one of the reasons I brought it up. I have met DreamClown and played with him a few times in the last few months but never heads up. He and his crew have made somewhere in the vicinity of 1 million dollars playing hu online and DC is their best hold-em hu player. Negreanu was very clear in his blog that he believes never 3-betting is fundamentally wrong. I have great respect for DN's game and tend to think he's right but I'd like to hear a good explanation as to why.

DC's strategy of never 3-betting made for some very interesting post-flop play. There were a lot of levels of thinking going on and in some cases a whole lot of bets going into the pot on the flop from both sides with total air.
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