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Default Re: Ever pay 2 BB\'s to see what villian is up to?

yes, and in the short term I regret it like you probably did. Usually though Ill pay off on the first or second time....perhap you got the ass end of it here and he made all 3 hands...youll never know. Normally I try and make an effort to tighten up for a while if this happens because when you bet fold the turn 2 times and then lose the 3rd time on the river many ppl will label you as a bluffer. (most wont be checking hand history here to see if your aces got busted).

TAGs who are paying attention will also take a shot at you too (remember its UB and at any particular level they arent too many tables so chances are theyll have a few hands on you). So tighten up and when you make your hand they (the fish not necessarily the TAGs) will pay you off every time with bottom pair. and dont forget to note what his other card to his jack was. that read could be golden for you.

in my experience at this level most players arent tricky so the station will make this play once and youll call it down HU but after that if he does it again then you can be pretty sure he has the goods. A station usually isnt clever enough to bluff you with a turn CR....thats not what stations do.

note: you havent given any indication of how YOU played the hand and whether or not you showed strength so Ill assume you had AK/AQ or a high pair and bet out til the turn when you met Mr CR
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