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Default about dunn

Whoops, I was thinking of Eckhardt!

So far as Dunn, he got killed in the bond last month, his system signals are too coarse, I think he has accepted too much money into his program recently, and I have reservations about his portfolio-diversification strategy. I think... aaaah, not today I'd really be pushing it to get any more technical than that anyway!

He is a brilliant mathematician, a great all-around guy and manager, and a tireless innovator, but I don't think he is on the cutting edge so far as trading philosophy. Put simply, I don't like his signals, they're too specific, too aggressive, and too risky, and I guess I'll leave it at that! But that's nothing new anyway, that's what everybody says.

My most important opinion is that I don't think the markets will treat his systems favorably in the near future, too much interleave! Bad days for surfing ahead, and he's not on the lookout!

In all honesty, I don't really know much about Dunn. But call Florida, they're pretty open and friendly! They'll probably tell you their plan, as I'm sure they're cooking up a good one, and will want folks to know that!

What do you know about Dunn? Aparently more than you do about those other names I dropped, and probably more than me! Funny, you picked up on the one unintentional name I named by accident.


Is my brain broken? When I love people, their brains occupy a different spot in my brain! As I meant to say Eckhardt in the original post, I decided not to delete the following comments which I wrote first

I know that Eckhardt uses 17 variations of three systems, adapted to different instruments and to neutral variaton of entry points, to scale in and minimize impact.

I know that, for many years, he had been worried about the proliferation of trend traders creating false breakouts, or cross triggering of systems. I know that after some tough months in the mid 90's, he introduced a chop filter to try to avoid this and only capture robust trends.

I know that as a result of this filter, his systems have been sitting largley idle through the recent tough periods for Turtles, but that many of his investors are disappointed with his relative performance in some of the key moves of the last 18 months. I know some other stuff, but this is all just general stuff off the top of my head.

Besides, I don't think Eckhardt would appreciate my speaking on his behalf even to the extent I just have!

Eckhardt, in my opinion, is at the top of the heap so far as responsible management of client accounts, acceptance of new accounts, professional integrity, trading theory, you name it. He is...

What, specifically, do you want to know?


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