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From books, Ray?? For crying out loud! I am only talking about the strategy used by all the greatest speculators in history, as well as the predominant one used on every trading desk or floor in the country! However, I have NEVER seen it mentioned in ANY book.

Smart, Russ? That is just my point! The people, over and over, whom I see making money doing this, are dumb as boards! You want to show me smart, tell me your claptrap theory about why you are so sure the stocks S&P puts in their index will rise over the next 35 years?

And trend following works in ALL timeframes! From Keane to Livermore to Dennis to Borsellino to Saidenberg, From Houtkin to Tognetti, from Cambell to Dunn! NOW you know why I posed the question with such an attitude! Because you people are thick, and are immune to the truth!?

You go to the poker forums, and you have a whole bucnh of people posting who are actually making money playing poker day-in and day-out. They don't say "Well, the only way to make money gambling is to buy a casino." That's actually what I get when I talk about poker in the trading forums!

I've talked to traders everywhere. You see Art Cashin on the NYSE, or Lewis Borsellino on the CME, or Chris Bankovitch on the PSE options floor, on CNBC every week, I've met all those guys, I've worked around them, even for them, I've met and talked to traders from every end of every product, you go to Stark's CTA database, I exchange emails with half those guys on a regular basis, I've even worked for some of them, too!

I'm just telling you what works, and everything else is camouflage! Because if this is a forum about your company automatically depositng X% of your paycheck into your 401k, and it being forwarded to Fidelity to compound without you having to worry about, we won't have a whole lot to talk about.

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